August 30th Race Day

firstly sorry for the late post, but just not had time to sit down and update.

so our first race day of 2021 started well with everything all set up the day before. we found a few small issues in the final preparations but all were sorted.

we headed out to Qualifying about midday and instantly Adam knew there was an issue, the engine was running lumpy and missing. he pressed on whilst keeping a close eye on all temperatures and pressures, as he had to do a minimum of 3 laps as required by the regulations. he tried a few different things in the car but only managed to do a 1.27.5 laptime which is well off his best time of a 1.19.7, of which we were hoping to improve upon.

over the next couple of hours we went over the car and made some changes, which seemed to improve the running when testing in the pits, but its hard to truly know.

Adam headed out for the race and before he got to the grid to line up thought it felt better than qualifying.

The Green Flag lap allowed more revs and load to be put on the engine and again all seemed to be ok, so he took up his starting position (a lowly 29th overall).

The Lights out and Adam got too much wheel spin and lost a couple of places initially, however once moving he moved to the outside and passed a number of cars on the way up to Avon Rise, with a few cars having issues and pulling over to the side. another car went straight on and into the barriers at Quary corner, adam continued to make places until the yellow flags and Safety Car launched at the end of the first lap. a couple of laps behind the Safety Car and the race was red flagged whilst the stricken cars were removed.

Everyone still running was re-gridded back into their original starting positions (back to 29th). This time Adam got a better start and managed to maintain and even move forwards initially. This time Adam went to the Inside at Folly which allowed him a nice run up the inside of a few more cars going into Quary Corner.

From here it was steady progress was made, and then BOOM a new PB of a 1.18.2. after this the tyres got abit too hot and Adam wasnt able to improve further but did manage to keep catching and passing cars.

Adam ended up 11th overall and 4th in class and the new PB 1.18.2 was the fastest lap for Class F. Adam was faster than 6 of the cars ahead which bodes well for next time out.

At the Time of writing we have had to withdraw from the next race on 18th September due to lack of funds for the Race Entry which is a massive shame as we were looking forward to getting back on track.

If anyone would be interested in supporting us there are a few other races we could do this year, so please get in touch and we can sort out a package, otherwise we will continue with a few changes and get ready for the 2022 race season.

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