Castle Combe Race 6th May 2024

well the race at Cable Combe on the 6th May did not go to plan.

we knew going into it that the car wasn’t really ready, after the mapping session on the Thursday didn’t go to plan with an alternator failure, but after discussions with the mapper who said it was safe and mapped enough it should be ok.

so we sorted the alternator and headed out for qualifying only for it to look like it was running lean. we weren’t sure if this was just a part throttle issue which would be ok under full load on track so out we went, but at no point did it feel right and even got worse.

we came in after 2 laps to find that the boost pipe from turbo to intercooler had come off at one end, so after sorting this and adjusting a couple of settings on the fuelling to try and help the transient fuelling, we headed back out to do a couple of other laps in another qualifying session.

However after 3 corners the brake hose to the front driver side didn’t want to be sealed anymore.

we aren’t sure if this was rubbed through from the alternator belt causing the failure, or if the belt failed and took out the hose, but either way that was the end of our day.

fortunately there was no major damage caused, so we are now sorting an uprated alternator not just a standard one so we can get back to finish mapping.

we wont be rushing back to a race day, and are planning some testing before racing at Snetterton at the end of July.

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