2022 Sponsorship Opportunity

Hi Everyone

In this Post we are going to talk about Sponsorship Opportunities with us for 2022.

we have lots of information on our Sponsor Opportunity page, which although it references 2021 everything is pretty much still valid for 2022.

Our Ford Focus race car still has loads of space for new partners, we could even completely redo the graphics on the car for a single large partner if required.
we still have our Race support vehicle plain, so again plenty of scope to brand this as needed, Team Clothing again can be updated to add new partners logos, we have space available all over, although less space on the back than elsewhere.

We aren’t totally sure exactly what our racing plans are for 2022 currently, however we will certainly be attending Castle Combe circuit for as many of the race days there as possible, plus we are looking for a championship that travels around the country that we can fit into.

The car proved competitive when we got out on the 30th August at Castle Combe in the Hot Hatch series, so with a few things we have planned along with improvements through the data analysis we are looking forward to a strong 2022 (we are still hoping to get out in the last part of this year (2021) although there isn’t long left of the season.

If you are interested in coming on board we would love to have a chat and see what we can do for each other to form a strong, lasting partnership.

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